(81) Microwave-Assisted Synthesis as an efficient method to enhance the catalytic activity of Zr-based metal organic framework UiO-66 in heterocyclization reaction.

Linh Ho Thuy Nguyen, Trang Thi Thu Nguyen, Y Thi Dang, Phuong Hoang Tran and Tan Le Hoang Doan.

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry2019, 8(12), 2276-2281.

Full Article

(80) Mechano-chemistry stability and water effect on gas selectivity in mixed-metals zeolitic imidazolate framework: a systematic investigation from van der Waals corrected density functional theory.

Diem Thi-Xuan Dang, Huong Thi-Diem Nguyen, Nam Thoai, Jer-Lai Kuo, Nhung Thi-Tuyet Nhung and Duc Nguyen Manh.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics2020, 22, 1598-1610.

Full Article

(79) Destruction of tumor mass by gadolinium-loaded nanoparticles irradiated with monochromatic X-rays: Implications for the Auger therapy.

Kotaro Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Saitoh, Tan Le Hoang Doan, Ayumi Shiro, Keigo Nakai, Aoi Komatsu, Masahiko Tsujimoto, Ryo Yasuda, Tetsuya Kawachi, T. Taijima, Fuyuhiki Tamanoi.

Scientific Reporst, 2019, 9, 13275.

Full Article

(78) An investigation on titania multiplayer coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance of carbon steel in simulated seawater by sol-gel dip coating.

Bach Lai Xuan, Doan Van Thuan, Thu Hanh Thi Vu, Thang Bach Phan, Vu Nguyen Si, Nguyen Dang Nam.

Journal of Materials Research and Technology2019, 8(6), 6400-6406.

Full Article

(77) Controllable synthesis of MoS2/graphene low-dimensional nanocomposite and its electrical properties.

Long N. Le, Thi T. Pham, Kien T. Pham, Minh Q. Do, Trung T. Pham, Masataka Ohtani, Yoshitaka Kumabe, Hirofumi Tanaka, Shigenori Ueda, Hyoyoung Lee, Thang B. Phan, Khan V. Tran.

Applied Surface Science2019, 540, 144193.

Full Article

(76) Effect of acetic acid and acetone mixture on characteristics and scaffold-cell interation of electrospun polycaprolactone membrane.

Minh Hieu Ho, Thien Bui-Thuan Do, Nhi Ngoc-Thao Dang, An Nguyen-My Le, Hanh Thi-Kieu Ta, Toi Van Vo, Hiep Thi Nguyen.

Applied Sciences MDPI2019, 9(20), 4350.

Full Article

(75) Tranfer P-type to N-type thermoeletric properties of Ag-Sb-Te Thin film through temperature annealing process and electrical power generation.

Natchanun Prainetr, Athorn Voraud, Mati Horpathum, Pennapa Muthiamongkol, Somporn Thaowonkaew, Theerapong Santhaveesuk, Thang Bach Phan, Tosawat Seetawan.

Journal of Electronic Materials, 2019, 49, 1, 572-577.

Full Article

(74) Muti-modification of ZnO nanorods to enhance the visible absortion.

Cat Ha Nguyen Van, Huu Khoa Nguyen, Hung Quang Huynh, Hoang Anh Pham, Tan Muon Dinh, Hoai Nhan Luong, Bach Thang Phan, Cong Khanh Tran, Vinh Quang Dang.

Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanotechnology2019, 11, 015002.

Full Article

(73) Effect of 0.5 at% Indium addition on thermoelectric properties of Gallium doped Zinc oxide bulk.

Anh Tuan Thanh Pham, Ly Thi Trinh, Ngoc Kim Pham, Truong Huu Nguyen, Dung Van Hoang, Hoa Thi Lai, Hanh Kieu Thi Ta, Thu Bao Nguyen Le, Ngoc Van Le, Vinh Cao Tran, Thang Bach Phan.

Vietnam Journal of Sicience and Technology2019, Accepted.

Full Article

(72) Insight into the adsorption mechanisms of methylene blue and chromium (III) from aqueous solution onto pomelo fruit peel.

Phuc V. D., Thuy N., Hung Le, Anh-Tuyen Luu, Hung Q. N., Lee  Sunhwa, Yi Junsin, Dong V. N., Ai Dao, Trinh Nguyen, Tan V. L.

RSC Advances, 2019, 9, 25847-25860.

Full Article

(71) Proton transfer mechanism along the PO4 anion chain in the [Zn(HPO4)(H2PO4)]2- coordination polymer.

Hieu C. Dong, Hieu T. Hoang, Dinh-Manh Tran, Thang B. Phan, Bureekaew Sareeya, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Hung M. Le.                   

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2019, 21, 18605-18611.

Full Article

(70) Gas sensing properties of Mg-Incorporated metal organic frameworks.

Jae-Hyoung Lee, Thanh-Binh Nguyen, Duy-Khoi Nguyen, Jae-Hun Kim, Jin-Young Kim, Bach Thang Phan, and Sang Sub Kim.         

Sensors, 2019, 19(15), 3323.

Full Article

(69) Structural and thermoelectric properties of solid-liquid In4Se3-In composite.

Son D. N. Luu, Taras Parashchuk, Artur Kosonowski, Thang B. Phan, Krzysztof T. Wojciechowski.                                                    

Journal of Electronic Materials2019, 48, 5418-5427.

Full Article

(68) Effect of dopants and nanostructuring on thermoelectric properties of ZnO materials.                                                                    

Son D. N. Luu, Tuan-Anh Duong, Thang B. Phan. 

Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2019, 10, 2.

Full Article

(67) Immobilization of protein a on monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications.

Bui T. T., Nguyen V. S., Heongkyu J., Mohamed J. K. B., Hieng K. J., Thang B. P., Quang M. N., Ngoc Q. T., Tran H. H., Pham H. V., Tan T. N.

Journal of Nanomaterials, 2019, 9, 2182471.

Full Article

(66) Chromium based metal organic framework MIL101(Cr)-CdSe quantum dot composites: synthesis, morphology, gas adsorption and photoluminescent properties.

Phuong T. K. Nguyen, Hai V. Le, Kim T. T. Nguyen, Van-Anh T. Hoang, Thu T. Dinh, Bao-Vy M. Quach, Nguyen L. La, Hoang T. Nguyen, Thien T. Co, Quan Phung, Man V. Tran, Xuan-Binh T. Phung, Mai-Trang D. Tran.

Journal of Electronic Materials, 2019, 48, 662-668.

Full Article

(65) Selective incorporation of Pd nanoparticles into the pores of an alkyne-containing metal organic framework VNU1 for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolytion reaction at near neutral pH.

Hai V. Le, Tan H. L. Doan, Binh Q. Tran, Hoa H. T. Nguyen, Thien T. Co, Hoang T. Nguyen, Nguyen T. L. Huynh, Loan P. T. Nguyen, Man V. Tran.

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2019, 233, 16-20.

Full Article

(64) A new synthetic pathway to triphenylpyridines via cascade reactions utilizing a new iron organic framwork as a recyclable heterogeneous catalyst.

Son H. Doan, Nhu K. Q. Tran, Phuc H. Pham, Vu H. H. Nguyen, Ngoc H. Nguyen, Phuong T. M. Ha, Shuang Li, Ha V. Le, Nhan T. H. Le, Thach N. Tu, Nam T. S. Phan.

European Journal of Oraganic Chemistry, 2019, Issue 13. 

Full Article

(63) A new iron-based metal-organic framework with enhancing catalysis activity for benzene hydroxyylation.

Thach. N. Tu, Hue T. T. Nguyen, Huong T. D. Nguyen, My V. Nguyen, Trinh D. Nguyen, Nhung T. Tran and Kwon Teak Lim.              

RSC Advances2019, 9, 16784-16789. 

Full Article

(62) A mild and efficient method for the synthesis of pyrroles using MIL-53(Al) as a catalyst under solvent-free sonication.               

Hai T. Nguyen, Linh H. T. Nguyen, Tan L. H. Doan and Phuong H. Tran.                                                         

RSC Advances2019, 9, 9093-9098.

Full Article

(61) Enhanced magneto-transport and thermoelectric properties of MnP nanorod thin films grown on Si (100).

Anh T, Duong, Thi M. H. Nguyen, Dinh L. Nguyen, Raja Das, Huu T. Nguyen, Bach T. Phan, Sunglae Cho.                                                         

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2019, 482, 287-291.

Full Article

(60) A Cerium-containing metal-organic framework: Synthesis and Heterogeneous catalytic activity toward fenton-like reactions.

Giao H. Dang, Y B. N. Tran, Toan V. Pham, Vu T. Pham, Nhu T. H. Luu, Hieu D. Nguyen, Phuong T. K. Nguyen, Huong T. D. Nguyen, Thanh Truong.                                                         

ChemPlusChem2019, 84, Issue 8.

Full Article

(59) A new route to triphenylpyridines utilizing ketoximes as building blocks via cascade reactions under iron-organic framework catalysis.

Vu H. H. Nguyen, Son H. Doan, Tram T. Van, Phuc H. Pham. Tran T. N. Nguyen, Ngoc N. Nguyen, Thach N. Tu, Nam T. S. Phan.                                                         

Applied Organometallic Chemistry2019, 33, Issue 4.

Full Article

(58) Zr and Hf-metal-organic frameworks: an effecient and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of 2-arylbenzoxazole via ring open pathway acyation reaction.

Linh H. T. Nguyen, Trang T. T. Nguyen, Phuong H. Tran, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Hung M. Le, Tan L. H. Doan.                                                         

Journal of Catalysis, 2019, 374, 110-117.

Full Article

(57) Synthesis of Benzoxazoles, Benzimidazoles, and Benzothiazoles Using a Bronsted Acidic Ionic Liquid Gel as an Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst under a Solvent-Free Condition.

The Thai Nguyen, Xuan-Trang Thi Nguyen, Thuy-Linh Ho Nguyen and Phuong Hoang Tran.                                                         

ACS Omega2019, 4, 368-373.

Full Article

(56) Application of deep eutectic solvent from phenol and choline chloride in electrolyte to improve stability performance in dye-sensitized solar cells.

Phuong Tuyet Nguyen, Thuy-Duy Thi Nguyen, Vinh Son Nguyen, Diem Thi Xuan Dang, Hung Minh Le, Tzu-Chien Wei, Phuong Hoang Tran.                                                         

Journal of Molecular Liquids2019, 277, 157-162.

Full Article

(55) Iron-catalyzed one-pot sequential transformations: Synthesis of quinazolinones via oxidative Csp3-H bond activation using a new metal-organic framework as catalyst.

Tuong A. To, Yen H. Vo, Hue T. T. Nguyen, Phuong T. M. Ha, Son H. Doan, Tan L. H. Doan, Shuang Li, Ha V. Le, Thach N. Tu, Nam T. S. Phan.                                                         

Journal of Catalysis2019, 370, 11-20.

Full Article


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