4 New Publication

1/ A paper with the title is "Coupling of Silver Nanoparticle-conjugated Fluorescent Dyes into Optical Fiber Modes for Enhanced Signal-to-noise Ratio" on Biosensor and Bioelectronic (Q1, IF ~ 10.257)

2/ Another paper published in Journal of Materiomics (Q1, IF ~ 5.8) with title "Compensation of Zn substitution and secondary phase at high temperature controls density-of-state effective mass and weighted mobility for high thermoelectric quality factor in ZnO systems."

3/ The thermoelectric field published in  Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Q1, IF ~ 4.7) with title is "Hydrogen enhancing electron mobility and Ga doping efficiency in Ga-doped ZnO film."

4/ "Energy filtering approach to improve the power factor of Mg doped ZnO heterostructures" is title of a paper published in Thin Solid Films. (Q2, IF ~ 2.1)

Congratulations !!!