Celebrating Science and Technology Day in Vietnam: Highlights from INOMAR

To Celebrate the Science and Technology Day, our research center is excited to share the latest advancements and activities in our ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence. This special day, dedicated to celebrating scientific achievements and promoting technological progress, provides an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our work and inspire the community.

Scientific Seminar: "MOF-Based Materials for Catalysis Application" by Dr. Nguyen Van Chi

One of the key events to mark this auspicious day is a highly anticipated seminar by Dr. Nguyen Van Chi, a leading expert in the field of materials science. Dr. Chi presented his groundbreaking research on "MOF-Based Materials for Catalysis Application."

Seminar Overview

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a class of compounds consisting of metal ions coordinated to organic ligands to form one-, two-, or three-dimensional structures. These materials have garnered significant attention due to their high surface area, tunable porosity, and versatile functionality, making them ideal candidates for various applications, including catalysis.

Dr. Nguyen Van Chi's seminar delved into:

1. Introduction to MOF-Based Materials: Understanding the basic principles, synthesis, and structural properties of MOFs.

2. Catalytic Applications: Exploring how MOFs can be utilized in catalysis, including examples of specific reactions and processes that benefit from MOF catalysts.

3. Recent Advances: Highlighting the latest research findings and innovations in MOF-based catalysis, with a focus on practical applications and industrial relevance.

4. Future Directions: Discussing the potential future developments in the field and the challenges that need to be addressed to maximize the utility of MOFs in catalysis.

About Dr. Nguyen Van Chi

Dr. Nguyen Van Chi is renowned for his contributions to the field of materials science, particularly in the development and application of MOFs. With numerous publications and a strong track record of research excellence, Dr. Chi is at the forefront of this exciting area of study. His insights and findings are expected to provide valuable knowledge and inspire future research initiatives.