Dr. Phuong Thi-Kieu Nguyen, INOMAR researcher have a paper in Saigon Giai Phong

Dr. Phuong had a domestic publication on Saigon Giai Phong (SGGP) Newspaper - a prestigious speech organ of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee. The above announcement has been informed in 03 languages: Vietnamese - English - Chinese.

English link: http://sggpnews.org.vn/science_technology/new-usages-of-mof-material-in-healthcare-industrial-manufacturing-81317.html

Vietnamese link: http://www.sggp.org.vn/tien-si-tre-voi-niem-dam-me-vat-lieu-moi-586378.html

INOMAR family is strongly honored with this publication.