Ph.D Sareeya Bureekaew visited INOMAR

We was welcome Ph.D Sareeya Bureekaew, who is researcher at VISTEC (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology). As an experimentalist, she obtained her Ph.D from Kyoto University under S. Kitagawa, one of the three MOFs pillars in the world. Then she continued to conduct MOF research as a theoretician at Ruhr-University at Bochum, Germany. Ph.D Sareeya Bureekaew visited and shared her experiences about MOFs with our researchers. She gave a presentation theoretical calculations about MOFs and the results were very close to the experiment. During two days at INOMAR, our young researchers learned a lot from Dr. Sareeya, both theoretical and experimental.

We are grateful to Ph.D Sareeya Bureekaew due to her share  for young researchers at INOMAR.