Congratulation!!! We have published a paper in Catalysis Science and Technology

INOMAR researchers, Thuy Linh, Lac Ha, and Hoang Tan have just been accepted a manuscript collaborated with Dr. Hoang Phuong from University of Science by Catalysis Science & Technology Journal (IF = 5.773). We presented the superacidity activity of VNU-11-SO4, Hf-based MOF, which are applied for the synthesis of benzoxazoles under solvent free conditions. Please join us in congratulating the second paper for Linh and one more for Dr. Lac Ha and Dr. Hoang Tan as well as the first corresponding author for Dr. Hoang Tan.

Detail of manuscript:

Linh H. T. Nguyen, The T. Nguyen, Ha L. Nguyen, Tan L. H. Doan, Phuong H. Tran, A new superacid hafnium-based metal-organic framework as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of benzoxazoles under solvent-free condition, Catal. Sci. Technol. 2017, just accepted.