Prof. JOHN S. TSE visited and worked in INOMAR from 04-07/06/2019

Prof. John S. Tse from Univerisity from Saskatchewan, Canada visited INOMAR center during 04-07/06/2019. He taught a course of Computational Science of thermoelectrics.   

Several of his research interests are Computer modeling of phase transformations in solids and using first principles of quantum and classical molecular dynamics methods, development and application of high-resolution techniques with synchrotron radiation. Up to recently, Prof. Tse has published nearly 500 research papers on some prestige international scholastic journals including Phys. Rev. Lett., J. Am. Chem. Soc.  


Graduation ceremony of Dr. PHUONG THI-KIEU NGUYEN and M. Sc. Y BACH-NHU TRAN

On May 31, 2019, University of Natural Sciences HCMC held a graduation ceremony in 2019, in which Phuong Thi-Kieu Nguyen and Y Bach-Nhu Tran got a doctorate and a master degree, respectively.



Dr. PHUONG THI-KIEU NGUYEN received HCMC Innovative Awards 2019

Dr. Phuong is one of 44 individuals (one of 16 awards in the field of the basic scientific research) that received the HCMC Innovative Award 2019.




Dr. TAN LE-HOANG DOAN published in Materials Chemistry and Physics

A paper that Dr. Tan Le-Hoang Doan is a co-author has been accepted to publish in Materials Chemistry and Physics (Impact Factor: 2.2; H-index: 124; Q2). The paper is entitled "Selective incorporation of Pd nanoparticles into the pores of an alkyne-containing metal-organic framework VNU1 for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction at near neutral pH".



Dr. THACH NGOC TU and Ms. NGOC NHU NGUYEN published in European Journal of Organic Chemistry

A paper that Dr. Thach Ngoc Tu and Ms. Ngoc Nhu Nguyen are co-authors has been accepted to publish in European Journal of Organic Chemistry (Impact Factor: 2.8; H-index: 134, Q1). The paper is entitled "New Synthetic Pathway to Triphenylpyridines via Cascade Reactions Utilizing a New Iron-Organic Framework as a Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalyst".