M.Sc. DAT NGOC-XUAN MAI published a paper in Journal of Electronic Materials

A paper that M. Sc Dat Ngoc-Xuan Mai is a first and co-corresponding author, Prof. Thang Bach Phan is a co-corresponding author and Dr. Tan Le-Hoang Tan is a co-athor, has been accepted to publish in the Journal of Electronic Materials (Impact Factor: 1.67; H-index: 87, Q2, Springer Press). The paper is entitled "Agarose@MgO Composite Tablet For Heavy Metal Removal From Acid Sulfate Water".


Prof. YOSHIYUKI KAWAZOE and Dr. Eng. MASAFUMI MIYAJIMA visited and worked in INOMAR

Prof. Yoshiyuki Kawazoe from Tohoku Univerisity and Dr. Eng. Masafumi Miyajima from Bosch Corporation, Japan visited INOMAR center on December 03, 2019. Prof. Kawazoe taught a seminar on "How to Realize A Reliable Ab initio Simulation for Materials Design Fundamentally Better than Present Day Standard". 


M.Sc. DIEM THI-XUAN DANG published a paper in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

A paper that M. Sc Diem Thi-Xuan Dang is a first and corresponding author has been accepted to publish in the Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Impact Factor: 3.57; H-index: 199, Q1, RSC Press). The paper is entitled "Mechano-chemistry stability and water effect on gas selectivity in mixed-metals zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: a systematic investigation from van der Waals corrected density functional theory".



Happy Vietnamese Teacher's Day 20/11!

                                                              Thank you for enlightening the path of success for us!

In the atmosphere of celebrating the 34th Vietnamese Teachers' Day all over the country, on November 20, INOMAR Center was grateful to organize a memorable ceremony to show gratitude to all the hard-working lecturers and teachers.



M. Sc. HANH THI-KIEU TA published a paper in Applied Sciences

A paper that M. Sc. Hanh Thi-Kieu Ta is a co-author has been accepted to publish in Applied Science (Impact Factor: 2.2; H-index: 23, Q1, MDPI Press). The paper is entitled "Effects of an Acetic Acid and Acetone Mixture on the Characteristics and Scaffold-Cell Interaction of Electrospun Polycaprolactone Membranes".