Phuong and Tan Present at IWNN-APCBM 2015


Ph.D. students Tan Doan and Phuong Nguyen gave oral presentations at the International Workshop on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Opportunities for Academia and High Tech Industry - Joint 4th Asia-Pacific Chemical and Biological Microfluidics Conference (IWNN-APCBM 2015). The workshop was held in Da Nang, Vietnam from November 2-4, 2014. The students presented their recently published results.

Tan’s talk was titled:

A Chemically Stable Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework Used as a Photocatalyst for Degradation of Organic Dyes

Phuong gave two presentations:

Study on synthesis of functionalized Metal organic framework MIL-101 materials by CdSe quantum dots encapsulation

Synthesis and Selective CO2 Capture of Hexatopic Linker – Based Metal-Organic Frameworks

All presentations were well received from the audience and other participants. Great job Phuong and Tan!

MANAR Researcher Spotlight November 2015: My V. Nguyen

researcher spotlight

Our November monthly spotlight features Ph.D. student My Nguyen. Recently, My has worked incredibly hard on his project. Due to his focus and perseverance, he has obtained some great results. Good job, My!



Nguyen Van My


Dong Thap – Viet Nam

Research Focus:

  - Investigating MOFs, MOPs, and catalysis.

Tell us something about your current research: 

- Researching a new MOP series.

- Applying them to make catalyst for transforming cycloalkanes to alcohols.

What got you interested in chemistry? How does chemistry inspire you?

- Chemistry makes me have much emotion and passion. It always urges me to create a lot of new things.

- If I can choose a person who have inspired to me so far, that is my high school teacher. He helped me to obtain a good understanding of chemical essences and develop my dreams.

What you like best about working at MANAR? What has been your proudest moment at MANAR? 

- I feel Manar center trains humans with real talent. We always own every single idea and the advice for our advisors and professors are helpful.

- My proudest moment is that my research on an original material succeeded at Manar center.

What are your future goals (scientific/career/short-term/long-term)? 

- I would try to research my material and apply it in transformation reactions of methane/ethane to methanol/ethanol.

- I am going to become a good scientist and mentor many generations afterwards.

Favorite quote:

- Nothing is impossible.

Three words to describe yourself:

- Honest, frank, enduring.

MANAR Researcher Spotlight October 2015: Huong T. D. Nguyen

researcher spotlight

Our October monthly spotlight features Ph.D. student Huong Nguyen. Recently Huong has published her results in Inorganic Chemistry. She put in a lot of hard work and effort in finalizing her results and preparing the manuscript. Nice work, Huong! 



Nguyen Thi Diem Huong


Long An-Vietnam

Research Focus:

Synthesis of new metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and investigation of  their adsorption applications. 

Tell us something about your current research: 

I focus on the synthesis of new topology of MOFs based on tetratopic and hexatopic linkers. Beside that, I also collaborate with my colleagues at MANAR to work on breakthrough experiments to evaluate CO2 separation properties of ZIFs.

What got you interested in chemistry? How does chemistry inspire you?

When I was high school I had a chance to study with very good chemistry teachers. They taught me basic knowledge about elements, atoms, reactions, etc. to understanding new phenomena in life. They made me interested in chemistry and motivated my curiosity in the field.

Day by day, when I have studied more and more about chemistry, I realize that we can design, control, and develop many different things by reactions without limitations. It makes me love chemistry more.

What you like best about working at MANAR? What has been your proudest moment at MANAR? 

What I like best about MANAR is we have a very good chance to learn from many famous scientists in US and other countries. Besides that, I also like the good collaborated environment between MANAR researchers and colleagues of Yaghi’s Lab at UCB.

My proudest moment at MANAR is our first paper is an accepted publication in Inorganic Chemistry journal. We are really happy because those are the results of our hard work and perseverance at MANAR with kind mentors Dr. Hiro and Mr. Kyle. 

What are your future goals (scientific/career/short-term/long-term)? 

Short-term, I want to finish some projects at MANAR for publication. 

Favorite quote:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Three words to describe yourself:

I asked my close friends and they said: Kind – Hilarious  – Innovative

Phuong and Huong Publish in Inorganic Chemistry

InorganicChemCoverPh.D. students Phuong T. K. Nguyen and Huong T. D. Nguyen and former MANAR research assistant Hung Q. Pham are authors on a recently accepted research paper in Inorganic Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.762) entitled "Synthesis and Selective CO2 Capture Properties of a Series of Hexatopic Linker–Based Metal-Organic Frameworks". Congratulations Students!

 Publication Details: 

Synthesis and Selective CO2 Capture Properties of a Series of Hexatopic Linker–Based Metal-Organic Frameworks
P. T. K. Nguyen, H. T. D. Nguyen, H. Q. Pham, J. Kim, K. E. Cordova, H. Furukawa, InorgChem., 2015, Accepted.

MANAR Open House Day


MANAR held an Open House Day for upperclassmen of VNU-HCMC University of Science. Around 30 chemistry students heard talks from Co-Executive Director Dung Hoang and Global Science Coordinator about MANAR, the type of research we design and develop, our accomplishments, and the Ph.D. program. Also, Ph.D. students Huong Nguyen and Nhung Nguyen gave presentations about recent research projects.  Students then went on a tour of our facilities and laboratories. We would like to thank the future grads for coming to our Open House Day, and hope to see them again as MANAR students! See our Gallery page for more pictures of the event. 

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