Ha Lac Nguyen is selected as an exemplary young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City 2016

Being held yearly and one of the most precious awards for young people, ten of nominated candidates are selected as exemplary young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City (công dân tiêu biểu TP.HCM). In 2016, Ha L. Nguyen was selected on representative researcher. Congratulations to Ha on his award!

More information: http://tuoitre.vn/tin/nhip-song-tre/20161226/cong-dan-tre-tieu-bieu-tphcm-2016-chat-tung-giot-mat-cho-doi/1242151.html

INOMAR's 5 years Anniversary

On December 12th, 2016, a solemn ceremony of INOMAR’s 5 year Anniversary was hold at its campus. Executive Vice-president of VNU-HCM – Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat, Vice-presidents Prof. Duong Anh Duc and Prof. Nguyen Duc Nghia, representatives of the departments, member universities and institutes of VNU-HCM, including professors and researchers, participated in the meeting. We welcomed Dr. Le Hoai Quoc, Head of the Saigon Hi-tech Park and many other scientists from other universities of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as representatives from companies, HTV and some newspapers.

INOMAR Director, Prof. Hoang Dzung gave a presentation on INOMAR 5-year brief history and its new phase development plan. In his speech, Prof. Dzung expressed respect and appreciation for continued efforts of international professors, particular Prof. Omar Yaghi (UC Berkeley) and his colleagues, Vietnamese organizations, professors and students, which made INOMAR becoming one of the high-level scientific centres in Vietnam. In the next phase, beside the metal-organic frameworks INOMAR will develop the research on other innovative materials, as well as develop collaboration with scientific institutions in Vietnam and around the world. Prof. Dzung felt confident that INOMAR would continue to uphold its standards.

On behalf of presented scientists Prof. Ho Si Thoang, who has gone along with INOMAR from its first days, congratulated INOMAR on its outstanding success in scientific research, education and training. Prof. Thoang hoped that INOMAR will attract more young talented students and researchers to develop new research fields, such as catalysis, energy and environment, and to fulfil its duty as a Center of Excelence in Ho Chi Minh City.

Of greatest importance, Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat expressed in his welcoming speech the intention of VNU-HCM Board to continue to support the needs of INOMAR. Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat has praised the INOMAR’s achievements and awarded the VNU-HCM Certificates of Merit for the Center and to Profs. Le Quang Minh, Nguyen Thai Hoang, Hoang Dzung and Mr. Dao Trung Giang.

The INOMAR students and staff have intensively contributed to the success of the Ceremony Meeting that attendees found to be a remarkable event and joyful venue. 

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See also information on VNUHCM's website:  http://www.vnuhcm.edu.vn/?ArticleId=4a95cc37-5806-408d-8f50-9d199ccd7616



Ha L. Nguyen and INOMAR researchers publish on ACS Catalysis

Our paper has been accepted in ACS Catalysis (Impact Factor 9.207). The paper is entitled “A Titanium–Organic Framework: Engineering of the Band Gap Energy for Photocatalytic Property Enhancement". This paper is the first paper that Ha L. Nguyen, Ph.D. candidate of INOMAR, and Prof. Nam T. S. Phan act as co-coresponding authors. Please also join us in congratulating the achievement of the co-authors from INOMAR Center: Thanh T. Vu, Dinh Le, and Tan L. H. Doan.

A Titanium–Organic Framework: Engineering of the Band Gap Energy for Photocatalytic Property Enhancement,
Ha L. Nguyen, Thanh T. Vu, Dinh Le, Tan L. H. Doan, Viet Q. Nguyen, and Nam T. S. Phan. ACS. Catalysis2016, 7, 338-342.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.6b02642

Professors from National Tsing Hua University visit INOMAR

INOMAR received a delegation of 3 professors, Yin-Wei Liu, Jeng-Chung Chen and Germar Hoffman, from Department of Physics at National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) to discuss research activities and collaboration. As a part of the visit, INOMAR researchers introduced about our center, research interests and engaged in fruitful discussions with the professors. Furthermore, we took them to a tour of state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Thank you for visting us!

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Mr. Giang T. Dao gives a soft-skills-lecture at INOMAR

Mr Giang T. Dao, a former COO of SEMATECH, gave the intensive lecture “Critical Skills to Excel in the Demanding Globalization” to INOMAR researchers and students from November 14th to 19th. His lecture focuses on soft skills including leverage management, interpersonal interaction through solution focus, innovation, from R&D to commercial products, blue ocean strategy etc. Those topics are the needs in “the world is flat” which requires being ready for more innovative, commercialized scientific products, IP and patents. His lecture is truly a stimulant for our researchers to move forward in doing world-class research. In addition, we had discussions on ideas how to develop INOMAR in the future. Thank you for coming to us, Mr. Giang T. Dao!

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