Center for Innovative Materials and Architectures – INOMAR (Formerly Center for Molecular and NanoArchitectures – MANAR), a member of Vietnam National University in HoChiMinh city (VNUHCM) was founded in 2011.
Based on a highly successful partnership with University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) and then University of California – Berkeley (UCB), especially with Professor Omar M. Yaghi’s research group (2011-2016), the Center has been rapidly growing up in high quality of experimental research of creating the new generation of 3D crystalline materials including Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs), and Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for gas uptake, gas separation, catalysis, clean energy, proton conductivity, etc.
INOMAR is now a modern research center. INOMAR is making further progress in expanding research fields and improving research conditions and results.

INOMAR is presently positioning itself to move its research activities to the international level, especially to be the excellent of research center in Asia.

Computational and Experimental research on Architectural Materials for Gas Storage and Photocatalytic Applications, Synthesis and Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sustainable Energy Conversion, Porous Materials for Catalysis, Biomaterials, Thermoelectric Materials…

INOMAR conducts innovative research with international standards and seeks to promote high quality postgraduate programs in Vietnam through global mentoring. We aim to conduct long-term projects in order to enhance the impact of the research activities, to improve basic research results for applications and technology transfer, to cultivate an intellectual environment for nurturing of young researchers and to promote international cooperation and scholarly exchanges.


Group photo 2016-5 year aniversary of INOMAR